A Home Condition Survey is a detailed inspection of a property by a qualified technician of ACF Engineering, in order to determine the status of it and locate hidden defects and deficiencies.

The home condition survey will:

  • Identify any major problems.
  • Highlight any hidden areas of possible concern that need further investigation
  • Give you a simple 1-2-3 condition rating of all key aspects of the property.
  • Deliver a comprehensive and jargon-free report.
  • Help you to plan for future expenditure.
  • Be carried out by accredited and comprehensively trained surveyor.


The result is a REPORT with the following information:

  • Building condition and defects.
  • Any structural movement.
  • Damp, rot and woodworm.
  • Heating and electrical services.
  • Alterations, drains, environmental issues.